Natalie Archer

Nutritiously Natalie

Natalie has a love for good food, cooking and healthy eating. At the age of 24 she was diagnosed with Leukemia. During that time she was put on a strict neutropenic diet where she could not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables. This diet can help protect you from harmful bacteria and other harmful organisms found in certain foods and drinks). After her treatment she decided to put her passion to work and started her study to be a Holistic Health Coach. Her  hope is to help others who are going through similar health challenges, as well as those wanting to change their lives by transforming their relationship with food. She believes that changing her diet helped throughout treatment and believe it or not, helped her to feel better now post-cancer, than ever before. Archer started Nutritiously Natalie to share all of the wonderful neutropenic recipes that she made while on the diet, as well as delicious plant-based recipes that families are sure to love!