Almonds = Nutritional Powerhouse!!

Who else loves almonds? Almonds are an incredibly popular nut. Despite them being high in fat, they are highly nutritious and provide many health benefits. That's right, not only is our Almond Butter delicious, it's healthy!

Study suggests that consuming almonds increases vitamin E levels in the plasma and red blood cells, and also lowers cholesterol levels.

Aside from lowering cholesterol, choosing almonds as a snack choice has many other benefits such as improving bone and teeth durability and strengthening your immune system from the vitamins and antioxidants found in these tree nuts. 

Calling all weight loss seekers, almonds also help manage weight. Almonds are lower in carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber. They can help you feel fuller for longer; this has the potential to reduce the number of calories you take in overall. There have been numerous studies on almonds and a variety of nuts that demonstrate their ability to keep people feeling full.

All in all, almonds are amazing and we encourage you to join us in reaping the benefits by enjoying spoonfuls of our Almond Butter...yummmm!


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