Chewy no-bake Almond Butter Bars

These chewy Almond Butter Bars are a great on the go snack. They're easy to make and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here's the healthy recipe:


•1/2 c. Moxie Nosh Almond Butter
• 1 T. coconut oil melted
• 3 T. agave syrup or raw honey
• 1/4 t. + 1/8 t. sea salt
• 1 1/2 c. oats ground (measure before grinding)
• 1/4 c. crushed almonds
• 1 t. vanilla
• 1 t. cinnamon
• 2 T. almond milk


• Mix everything but the ground oats until smooth.
• Stir in the ground oats until a thick batter forms.
• Press the mixture into a container fitted with a lid and lined with parchment paper.
• Place in the refrigerator (or freezer if you're hungry) until the bars are set.
• Cut and serve!


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