Self Care Tips for Summer!

Summer has finally arrived here in Western Montana and it came in with a bang! 90 degree days with blue skies and sunshine. As we get outside and enjoy the season it’s important to take care of our bodies to ensure that we can enjoy all things outdoors.

We’ve put together some tips to help you enjoy the outdoors while making sure your body is cared for too.


Hydrate before heading out! Start your day off with 16oz of water before eating or drinking anything else. Give your cells the hydration they need so you can function your very best! Pack water for your hike in either bottles or a bladder type backpack such as a Camelbak. Do not count on stopping for water on the way, or that there will be water at the trailhead. Lastly, make sure to pack some icy cold water for your return. Leave a cooler in the car with ice packs or frozen water bottles. Electrolyte drinks or coconut water are also good ideas for a quick pick me up!

TIP 2: Bandana

Bandanas aren’t just a fun fashion statement, they are practical as all get out! A damp bandana around the neck will help keep you cool on hot days and can keep your neck warm in cooler ones. They’re nice to have as an emergency bandage, brace, or sling as well. Or to make an impromptu basket to hold your huckleberry haul!!

TIP 3: First Aid Kit, Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Be prepared! A small pocket knife or multi-tool can come in handy for urgent and not so urgent situations. It’s nice to know you have a small kit handy in case something happens. Altoid tins are great for holding a wet wipe, alcohol pad, safety pin, a few bandaids, and a tiny super glue! Wrap a couple of hair ties around it to keep it closed and you’re good to go! Keep a larger first aid and emergency kit in your car so you can take care of any cuts or scrapes promptly.


Just like water, you’ll need to fuel up before during and after outdoor activities. Have a hearty breakfast with plenty of fats and protein to fuel your body. Pack a snack for the trail that’s easy to eat and doesn’t require much cleanup. Our 4oz jars of Trail Mix Butter are the perfect treat- remember a spoon!!

If you are allergic to peanuts but want an easy to digest snack that will give you energy, try making your own almond trail mix by adding almonds, dried fruit and a few pieces of chocolate to a zip lock bag.

Cashew butter is another great choice and slightly higher in carbs (due to the natural sugar content of the nut) and makes an amazing snack on a spoon! We also love this recipe for Lush Balls.  Make sure to keep some snacks in the car for your return. If you have a cooler with water, you can stash some fruits or a sandwich to replenish those calories you just burned.

TIP 5: Take care of your body!!

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you get!! Make sure to cool down properly and stretch a day outdoors. Foam rollers do an amazing job at breaking up lactic acid that cause your muscles to feel sore. Soaking in a tub with Epsom salts will also ease your aches and pains. If your not into baths, you can try a magnesium spray after the shower and before bed. You can buy a preñare spray or make your own!! All you need is 1c warm water and 1c Epsom salts. Mix together and pour into a spray bottle, you can add a few drops of essential oil if you want! Spray on your legs and rub in. Magnesium may upset sensitive skin so be mindful on delicate areas like the backs of your knees.

Now get out there and enjoy all that Summer has to offer!

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