Be Bold. Eat Better.

As an 80’s baby who grew up on PB&J, peanut and nut butters have remained a food group that I enjoy each and every day. My passion for fitness and nutrition started in college, when I was working at a local gym. This experience sparked my love for the health industry and lead me down a road to a masters in Health Promotion and years of learning about food and wellness (I'm still learning!). When I started to understand the effects that sugar and preservatives had on our body, I realized those so-called ‘healthy’ nut butter options I was enjoying daily were actually full of ingredients that were doing more damage than good. Not wanting to give up my beloved food group, I opted to replace my store-bought jars with homemade blends and started experimenting with mixes of peanuts, almonds, cashews, and added-in spices for flavor. The idea to turn these recipes into a business became a reality as I started distributing samples to friends and family, and I found myself blending in the kitchen each week as they wouldn't stop asking for more. Moxie Nosh was launched in April 2016 at our local farmer’s market with the simple goal of sharing a product that was clean and healthy. Every day it lights me up to know that Moxie Nosh has become a small piece in helping people make healthier food choices. 

Moxie Nosh is a small batch nut butter company located in Missoula, MT. Our products are free from added sugars, palm oil, gluten, soy and dairy. We believe that every person deserves to eat real food that nourishes the body and fuels the soul. #BeBold.EatBetter.